Durable French
mechanical watches

Throughout history a wide array of watchmaking mechanisms have found themselves orphans, missing a case, or a watchband. Still in working shape, but simply forgotten. So the SEMPER & ADHUC workshop began searching for these historical treasures, in order to restore them by the book and  give them a modern outfit.

The result is a new watch containing in its core an ancient but perfectly rehabilitated mechanism. Acquiring a SEMPER & ADHUC watch is like giving a chance to a mechanism which future was more than uncertain, and letting it begin a new life around your wrist.

The inaugural series

Created between 2016 and 2018, this first collection of 6 models reflects the spirit of Semper & Adhuc : a return to basics.
Made in France

Your SEMPER & ADHUC watch is imagined, designed, manufactured and assembled in France.


The SEMPER & ADHUC workshop perpetuates a century-old watchmaking know-how, thus maintaining the heritage of the craftsmanship.


An idea ? An inspiration ? The SEMPER & ADHUC workshop offers a service of watches "à la carte" by appointment.