Frequently asked questions

We have grouped the answers to the questions you frequently ask.

Yes, for delivery the current rate will apply when updating your basket according to the address you have specified.

The payment of your SEMPER & ADHUC watch is 100% secure thanks to PayZen, an online payment tool ensures protection through its highly secure PCI DSS environment and anti-fraud tools.. All information is coded and transmitted directly to our bank. Under no circumstances does SEMPER & ADHUC store or have access to your bank details.

In order to secure your transactions from the website, PayZen implements a complete system of controls and protection measures:

  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption,
  • compliance with PCI DSS requirements (to protect credit card data),
  • the 3D Secure device, which authenticates the card holder

We make every effort to ensure that the site and its means of payment are the best and benefit from the best possible security features by relying on a trusted online payment tool PayZen, and a well-known and recognised platform, Prestashop. Despite this, it sometimes happens that some banks refuse and block the transaction for various reasons :

  • Limits on amounts per transaction, or monthly or weekly limits that may be applied to your Card for online transactions.
  • Limits on online foreign currency transactions.
  • Limits on the countries in which your payments are received for online transactions.

When this happens, we simply advise you to contact your bank in order to validate the transaction with them on a future attempt. We have also set up a means of payment via bank transfer which can be selected on the “checkout” page.

Yes. An email will be sent on the very day of the expedition for you to check the status of your packing on the appropriate site.

For a delivery in France and other EU member countries, VTA is already applied on prices at the time of purchase. For other countries however, custom fees might be applied according to the country regulations. They are to be paid by the buyer.

Non-personalized products may be return in a 14 calendar days delay. The client will be fully reimbursed if the product has not been worn and is returned in its original state, fully equipped, casket included.

Your Semper & Adhuc watch is guaranteed during two years against any failure in the manufacturing.

While your time keeper is under guarantee, we strongly advise you to contact the Semper & Adhuc workshop, so your watchmaker may evaluate precisely the wear, maintain the watch and if needed do the reparation himself. Outside the warranty period, you can either contact our after sales service or go to the fine watchmaker of your choice.

Your Semper & Adhuc watch is waterproofed till 3 ATM. It means that it will resist to any accidental contact with water (like splashing or rain), but won’t resist any extended contact (like bathing, or showering…).

The Semper & Adhuc restored movements are set to carry from +/- 30 seconds a day (which explains why in general a watchmaker will always favour a little advance when finely regulating the watch in the six positions). The way of wearing your watch and the external conditions of temperature and humidity are also factors of variations. In fact, under cold temperature, the metal tends to retract itself, while it dilates under heat, modifying thereby the inertia of the balance. Another thing to know, is that your watch moves with your body all day long: when you stay upright, the crown points down, while when typing on your computer, it stays at the horizontal, and when raising your arm, it points to the sky….So your activity will have consequences on the gravity effect and thus on the mobile pieces which are used to its regulation. Nevertheless, those are only very tiny variations which will never perturbate the deepest function of the mechanism, and your watch will stay “on time”.

The Semper & Adhuc watches contains a mainspring instead of a battery. You will have to wind it every morning by turning the crown. Thanks to its elasticity, the spring will slowly unroll to try to find back its original shape. In doing so, it restitutes the motion force accumulated and make the wheelwork turn throughout the day. This rewinding operation that may seemed obsolete, will soon become a ritual creating a special bond between you and this everyday object, helping you to rediscover the true notion of time.

Yes, of course. The Semper & Adhuc workshop opens to door to any customer who wish to discover the collection and try the watches. An appointment is required though, but you can plan it on our contact page.

Use the pin punch provided (the tool in your casket). Maintain strongly but delicately your watch on its side, with the crown upward. (For security reasons and to avoid any fall, we advise you to use a support: the cork of the packaging, for example.) Push the pin into the tiny hole drilled in the corn to exercise a pressure on the mainspring of the bar, and push gently to exercise a lateral force on the watchband so that it can go off. The new watchband will be completely replaced when you hear the clicking of the bar confirming it is back into its original position.

You cannot find the answer you are looking for? Please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page. We will be glad to answer you as quickly as possible.

If you have questions or wish to visit our workshop


Your SEMPER & ADHUC watch is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase or the effective delivery date in the following terms.


Due to the long-standing nature of their mechanisms, SEMPER & ADHUC watches require special attention.