Something new at Semper & Adhuc

Posted on11/09/2019

Our new site is online

What is better than a new site to celebrate the official birth of Semper & Adhuc? Designed to reflect our brand, it constitutes a true interface to exchange and share, but also gathers all the essential services we provide.

Under the tab “Watches” you can already discover or rediscover our very first serie of timekeepers, and order the model of your choosing as well as extra bracelets.

You will also find on the site all the informations required to contact us. Why don’t you make an appointment to visit our workshop, we would be thrilled to welcome you and let you discover our activities?

This Blog will unveil all of our latest news. Yet, we also want it to be a space where we can share our passion for fine watchmaking. Throughout the texts and articles you might enjoy learning or rediscovering the basics of this ancestral art: the components, the different steps of manufacturing, the principle of mechanical clockwork… But you will also find tips to clean properly your watch, inspiration boards, or a bibliography… Our goal being to expand and deepen your culture and knowledge on the matter, in a simple and enjoyable way!

Our first serie in progress

Thanks to the tremendous success of our campaign of preorder in September 2018, no less than a hundred watches are being manufactured as we speak. Once these finished and delivered we will launch the production of a second serie.

The Semper & Adhuc team is very happy to welcome you in our universe!