A new place for Semper & Adhuc

Posted on11/26/2020

Four years after the birth of Semper & Adhuc, our workshop leaves Bordeaux and settles in the heart of the charming Landes village of Labouheyre.

This move allows us to quadruple the available surface area. The work space has been optimized and made more welcoming, thanks in particular to the arrangements made by a craftsman friend, a woodworker in Bordeaux. Each square meter finds its usefulness and gives a healthy breath to the dance which is the craftsmanship of a watch. Here we can now distribute the tools and work stations according to the tasks to be accomplished and their specific requirements. Here is a workshop that lives up to our expectations for Semper & Adhuc !


Another major evolution that the new workshop has made possible: A new recruit is joining Semper & Adhuc. After obtaining his watchmaking degree, 19-year-old Clément chose to continue his studies by way of an apprenticeship. We are therefore beginning a two-year adventure together, at the end of which Clément will obtain his watchmaking Brevet des Métiers d’Art. Two years shared between the school benches and his workbench in our workshop, two years of pedagogy, work, transmission of a very specific know-how and sharing the daily life of a small French artisanal company.

I am very proud to be able to take on the role of teacher and thus contribute to the continuation of the turn of hand and knowledge of our beautiful trade. A way to support employment in these complicated times while investing in the future of French fine watchmaking by training the watchmakers of tomorrow. The very ones who will be able to service your Semper & Adhuc watches and perhaps create new timekeepers !

Learning is never a one-way process. Each explanation generates an exchange. Moves and knowledge must be broken down, deconstructed to be made intelligible and then transmitted. The pleasure of revisiting one’s classics finally becomes a real exercise in humility that helps us improve a little more each day. So welcome to Clément in the field of arts and crafts.


These recent developments allow Semper & Adhuc to enter a new phase in its history. The 6 models that make up the Semper & Adhuc collection are now improved by the development of a new, more user-friendly crown. We have retained the aesthetic choice of partial notching, but the latter covers twice the surface area (240°), with a slightly increased total diameter in order to offer a better grip when winding your watch.

The year 2021 will see the arrival of a ladies’ watch, currently under development, and other surprises that I hope will arouse your curiosity.

As Christmas approaches, and for those who are late, it is worth remembering that the Semper & Adhuc workshop is offering you a gift voucher to be given as a present to keep the lucky future wearer waiting.

A big thank you to all of you for your trust which allows us to develop a little more each day our common watchmaking adventure!

Wishing you a very happy holiday season !